Tired of not have a plan for your meals?

The truth is that a better meal plan will not only help you feed your family, feel more relaxed, and more in control in your kitchen. It will free up more energy and time to spend on all the things you really want to do.

If you're struggling to know where to begin, my Simple Meals Starter Guide is the perfect first step!  It will show you how to:

  • Start streamlining your meal plan for the week
  • Create a daily kitchen routine
  • Establish better habits
  • Love cooking at home!

Best of all?  This guide is completely free and my gift to you!




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“As a mom and primary cook of my household, I thought healthy eating was supposed to be easy and intuitive. But it’s absolutely not. I love Andi’s minimalistic take - minimal kitchen tools, pantry setup, and simplified recipes. I knew I needed someone to show me how to make it easy.”​

- Jennifer W.

Hey There, I'm Andi!

And I know exactly what it's like to struggle with cooking meals and home.

In fact, for the majority of my adult life I had no idea how to cook. It wasn’t a skill that was passed down to me from my mom, nor was it something that I had a natural instinct for.

Majority of my meals consisted of a cooked chicken breast, rice, and roasted broccoli - bland and boring! Everything else I ate was from a package - frozen meals, quick-fix boxed dinners, and fast food.

Not surprisingly at all, this type of eating started to take a toll on my health and my stress level. I felt groggy, my digestive system was totally out of whack, and I hated having to go in the kitchen every day - opening that fridge door - and feeling totally uninspired and clueless about what to cook.

It wasn’t until shortly after having my daughter that I knew that I wanted to make a change. I didn’t want her to grow up on boxed meals. I wanted to be the kind of mom who prepares home-cooked meals.

It was at this point that I enrolled in the School of Integrative Nutrition based in New York to become a certified nutrition health coach. I learned how to put simple systems in place to keep meal planning doable so that I had a lot more time to do the other things I wanted to do. After a lot of mistakes and trial and error, I figured out real solutions. I know that they will work the same way for you that they did for me!

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